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Imagine this: A warm day at the ocean, sandy feet and a fruit picnic - you and your friends are sitting together, someone is playing ukulele and you play games and take polaroid pictures. Let's call this feeling: the Ocean Way.

Ocean Way is a pop song that carries a very catchy melody and mirrors the energy of a day in the sun. No wonder that this hit was written in Ibiza at the beach on a ukulele. The creative production and instrumental parts as well as the vocal base and harmonies in the song by the talented artist BenYa combined with the soft voice and romantic lyrics by Anna Helen create one great summer hit. So if you are still looking to add a few songs to your summer playlist this should make the list!

"This song is probably one of my favourites ones so far, simply because of the feel-good energy that it carries. When I listen it immediately makes me smile. I close my eyes and can basically taste the ice cream and sand on my tongue. Also it's one of those songs that is perfect for a road trip with friends! I just love singing it, and shooting the video was just amazing!" Anna Helen



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