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Anna starts writing poetry and short stories when she is just 10 years old. Telling stories and trying to connect with others through words and art has always been the moving force in her life. Soon she discovers her love for music, starts playing the piano and singing her poetry instead of reading it aloud. When she realises that through her songs she can speak up for others and take a stand as well as work through her own obstacles it becomes her goal to share her songs with the world.


Anna Helen is a young pop artist, whose music mixes electronic elements with punk rock and funky pop. Her music tells stories about self-acceptance, growth, and the need of wanting to fit in to a society that doesn’t always have your best interests at heart. It’s a young woman’s reflection looking back at finding her best self in an environment that often makes self-appreciation quite difficult.

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Imagine this: A warm day at the ocean, sandy feet and a fruit picnic - you and your friends are sitting together, someone is playing ukulele and you play games and take polaroid pictures. Let's call this feeling: the Ocean Way.

Ocean Way is a pop song that carries a very catchy melody and mirrors the energy of a day in the sun. No wonder that this hit was written in Ibiza at the beach on a ukulele. The creative production and instrumental parts as well as the vocal base and harmonies in the song by the talented artist BenYa combined with the soft voice and romantic lyrics by Anna Helen create one great summer hit. So if you are still looking to add a few songs to your summer playlist this should make the list!

"This song is probably one of my favourites ones so far, simply because of the feel-good energy that it carries. When I listen it immediately makes me smile. I close my eyes and can basically taste the ice cream and sand on my tongue. Also it's one of those songs that is perfect for a road trip with friends! I just love singing it, and shooting the video was just amazing!"

Anna Helen


Ocean Way Coverart


Places Coverart

Places is about the memories we like to live in sometimes, the places that have shaped us and the people that we met a long the way. 

"The Docklands in Melbourne - ​this is one I think of everyday - we sat there every day at sunset, talking about our experiences, making jokes, playing games, bonding and building friendships that last until today. I often wish I could be there again now, relive all the beautiful memories - but that’s the thing.

A Moment can’t be repeated. We evolve and we change and the same moment now would feel completely different because we are not the same people we were 5 years ago. Places shape us, teach us and inspire us. The place may stay untouched, but we don’t.

So excited for you to hear this song, so follow the link in my bio, sit down with a glass of wine and close your eyes!"

This song is about following your heart and ignoring outside energy and expectations. Ride or Die has been composed and recorded with beautiful instrumentation to create something new and unique with a melody that has an organic vibe while being able to carry good energy. It is catchy and melodic and has very positive lyrics that make you think positively and encourage you to move forward.

"We have gotten so used to constantly receiving wanted but also unwanted opinions, advices and critics from the people around us - family, friends, strangers, teachers and even ourselves. We tend to think eventually we have to learn to be rational and think of others and how we have responsibilities rather than that we owe ourselves. If I talk about going far away and following my dreams to become an artist, I have to deal with comments like "What, but you had such good grades, don't throw that away" or "what a waste of time", "you'll never make it, no need to try" or "do something proper and realistic".

Why can't we just let each other make our own decisions when it comes to what job or life makes us happy? Sometimes we have to break out just to fall in place. Sometimes we have to say to ourselves - it's ride or die. Because if I burn for something, if I'm passionate about a specific thing that I know without it I would always ask myself "what if", then I simply have to go for it!"

Anna Helen


Ride or Die Coverart


TwentyToSelf Coverart

"Twenty to Self  is a summary of the key factors shaping and influencing me throughout the past year. Each of the three songs targets one crucial factor of change: Healing - Friends and Family; Perfect Girl - Bad experiences; and Other Side - Partner, love and relationships.

In 2022 I learned that there is a few things in life that offer great input for my life and my music. My few closest friends inspire me on a daily basis and it often is their experience, pain, words and wisdom that inspire and affect me the most.

I wrote Healing for them. 

Perfect Girl is a metaphor for all the people that abuse naive generosity and take and take and take until we have completely adjusted ourselves according to them and their expectations, to the point that we don't recognise ourselves anymore.

Let's only change for us in 2023 - not for others.

And lastly Other Side, a song that is a huge reminder that "long distance love" can work out just fine and that sometimes you simply have to trust your instincts and your heart and believe in your love. I got married to my beautiful partner in 2022, who is also my producer and co-songwriter of Twenty to Self."

Anna Helen



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